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Where do I learn more about Codename One?

Here are some useful tutorials, documentation and resources available to developers.

Written Docs and Tutorials

Codename One Docs – The first steps, guides, tutorials and resources you need.
Getting Started Tutorial – Build Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps Using Java/Kotlin for iOS, Android, Desktop and Web.
Compare Codename One – Codename One’s comparison with other cross-platform frameworks.
Maven Developer Guide Codename One Maven developer guide.
Java App Template – Getting started with the bare-bones Java app template.
Create an Uber Clone in 7 Days – Even if you don’t purchase the full book, the free chapters available to download will help you get started quickly.

Videos & Online Courses

Hello World – Building a cross-platform Hello World app using Codename One initializr.
Codename One initializr – Watch the video demo of Codename One initializr.
Build iOS Apps – Build native iOS apps with Codename One.
ToDo App – Covers Codename One basics by walking you through the basics of building a simple Todo app.
Codename One Academy – Free online courses that cover everything from basics to full featured real world app development.
How Do I? – Short video tutorials that walk you thru common Codename One concepts.

Check out an extensive list of more learning resources in this blog post.

Updated on: 11/18/2022

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