Codename One has a free version and paid versions. So yes and no.
The paid portions of Codename One aren't available for free in any other product!

Codename One is open source you can download the code and use it. There is no licensing fee. There are no restrictions or strings attached. Even if you purchase the paid product there is no license that requires you to keep paying.
We also provide free community support for everyone through stackoverflow and our discussion forum.

The paid portion is for higher grade support and for the cloud build system which requires servers (Macs, Windows machines etc.). We provide a free quota on their usage to prevent overuse which would deprive paying users from service.

With the free version you are limited to 100 build credits per month. Notice you can increase the following limits by referring your friends or if you were referred by a friend. See this article for details.
1 credit == 1 build
Except for iOS where 8 credits == 1 build to offset the higher costs of Mac servers.
‚ÄčOther than that there is a JAR size limit of 1mb. Notice that this is a very high limit as it applies only to your bytecode and not to Codename One code and you can create pretty remarkable apps within this limit. E.g. our Uber clone and Facebook clone apps are well below that limit.

Just so we are 100% clear: you are allowed to use your generated apps commercially and have no restrictions on them whether you paid us or didn't.
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